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Save everything in one place

Say goodbye to travel stuff splattered across your notes, emails, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. With Pogo, you can finally save everything for a trip on one Pinboard. From places and notes to documents and checklists.

Discover tried and tested recommendations

Fed up of spending countless hours scouring the web, looking for the best things to do? With Pogo, it's easy to discover personalised and authentic recommendations from like-minded travellers.

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Share your travel tips and plan together

Make tedious trip planning group chats a thing of the past. With Pogo, you can easily invite others to a Pinboard to plan a trip together. So you can all add stuff, see what's on the agenda, and vote for your favourites.

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The tool of choice for travel lovers

"Great Travel Planning App"

"Really enjoying this app, stores your travel plans, hotels, transport etc all in one sleek app. Paste links from Google maps and then use the Map function to see all your hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions in one place."

"All in one"

"So far it has been a very helpful tool to manage my holiday stuff as I can organise all my documents, flights details, attractions bookings etc in one app. Great app."

"Fab app for travelling"

"Love this app, I use it on every city break and the places I travel for work and it’s become second nature to use it now."

"Amazing travel-planning app"

"This app is just amazing: it allows you to gather all your recommendations in one place and to share them with your friends before heading to your destination - makes travelling just that much simpler and even more enjoyable 🙂 thank you"

"Love that there are options"

"I normally look at Pinterest or YouTube to look up things to do. I love that they already have popular things to try."

"Loved this app - have heard good things. It didn’t disappoint"

"Awesome app for planning our holiday! there were lots of things I look for - but until now, I haven’t seen them all in one place. The app is very easy to use. You can also save ideas and places to eat. And also it served you up inspiration from the app’s recommendations. Top marks!"

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Our perspective on travel.

The joy of travel should always start at the planning stage. Travel is inspiring and Pogo allows our community of travel lovers to take inspiration from one another. Whether you’re finding that special restaurant that offers the most breathtaking views, or seeking out that ‘must-visit’ spot in a new city, Pogo’s community will help you explore these undiscovered gems.

Pogo is powered by our community of travellers and we believe that by taking a more mindful approach to travel, we can have more memorable experiences and enhance the relationships with those around us.

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